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Course and Credit Information

Are C.E.U.'s the same as college credit?

No. You should not compare college credit amounts to CEU (Continuing Education Unit) amounts. CEU's are determined by IACET. College credit amounts are determined by Frederick Community College.

How can I get a list of the Independent Study Program courses that I have already completed?

You can call the FEMA Independent Study Program at 301-447-1200 (Monday through Friday, 8:00 am to 6:00 pm, Eastern Time, excluding federal holidays) and request a transcript or visit the website at, click on Transcript Request at the bottom of the page, and submit the form as directed.

I obtained college credit through your program before. Why don't they show up in my order history?

Only credits that were obtained through this online website will reflect in your order history. All previous credits purchased prior to the online application process is maintained by the FEMA Independent Study Program and Frederick Community College.

I took a course that was available for college credit when I completed it, but it has since been removed from the list of available credits. Can I still receive college credit?

No, the credit had to be obtained while it was available. If the credit is no longer available and you have not obtained it, then it is no longer available for you to receive.

I completed several different versions of the IS-100 and IS-200 courses. Can I get more than one college credit for that combination?

No. The course requirements for FEMA 150 are IS-100.b or IS-100.c and IS-200.b or IS-200.c. No other versions will be accepted.

If I already obtained college credit for IS-120 (FEMA 103) can I get another credit if I complete IS-120.c, IS-130.a and IS-139.a (FEMA 103)?

No. IS-120 (FEMA 103) is the same credit as the IS-120.c/IS-130.a/IS-139.a (FEMA 103) combination credit and it can only be obtained once.

The course that I completed is not listed as a course that is available for college credit. What does that mean?

Not all of the FEMA Independent Study courses are awarded college credit. Only the credits listed in the "Course Info" section of the website are available for credit.

What level of credit are the college credits offered through your program?

Lower-division 100 level credits.

How do I determine what college credits I am eligible to receive?

Obtain a list of your Independent Study course completions. (See “How can I get a list of the Independent Study Program courses that I have already completed?FAQ for details)

Compare your list of completed courses to the list of available college credits, found under the “Course Info” tab at to determine your eligible college credits.

Does the New York Department of Education still accept these credits?

The FEMA IS course credit conversion process has not changed, but the NY DOE requirements have changed for completion dates and semester deadlines.  Please check with NY DOE for more information.

Will FCC put all my courses from other institutions on one transcript?

Frederick Community College does not offer credit banking/consolidation services.

Why was FEMA 207 reduced to 1 credit?

The course requirements were re-evaluated during the Summer 2018 semester, and it was determined that the coursework was academically applicable for 1 semester hour of credit.

Can I use any annual revision for IS-20, IS-21, IS-107, and IS-246 to obtain credit?  Rate it

Yes.  Any version of the annual courses will be accepted.

Can I use my retired IS-394 course completion towards the FEMA 158 (IS-394.a) credit?  Rate it

No.  The retired IS-394 course was once used to obtain the retired FEMA 124 credit.  Since this course was used to obtain a different credit, it cannot be used toward FEMA 158 (IS-394.a).

How do I know which semester Frederick Community College (FCC) is currently in? My FCC transcript must reflect a certain semester for my credits to be accepted.

Your transcript from Frederick Community College will reflect the semester at the time credits were purchased, not when the courses were completed.  Review the Frederick Community College website and click on the blue “Credit Conversion” button to see the most current semester information prior to placing an order at . Students are responsible for reviewing these dates and must allow necessary processing time to receive credits within the desired academic semester (Spring, Summer, Fall). 

Please allow 1-2 weeks for credits to be posted.

What versions of the Independent Study courses will be accepted towards credit?

The current or previous version of the Independent Study course will only be accepted for conversion into credit.  For example, FEMA 131 requires completion of IS-230.c OR IS-230.d.  Previous completions of IS-230, IS-230.a, IS-230.b can no longer be used towards this credit.

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