Payment Information

Can a third party pay my college credit fee?

Yes, simply enter the payee information during checkout.

Can I get a refund for my college credit fee after my application has already been processed?

No, The only time a refund will be granted is if it is found that a credit has already been purchased through Frederick Community College.

Can I get a refund if my college does not accept FCC transfer credits?

There are no refunds given on college credits that have been awarded by Frederick Community College (FCC).  All applicants are responsible for verifying acceptance of FCC credits by his or her receiving institution.  The student is also responsible for applying for FCC credit early enough to meet any deadlines imposed by their institution. 

Can I pay for my credit fee with a money order?

Yes, select "Money Order" as your payment method during checkout.  Once we verify your course completions we will notify you via email with instructions for submitting your money order. Please allow up to 5 business days to receive your payment instructions. Please add to your safe senders list to ensure the email is delivered to you.  Once you receive your payment amount, you will have 10 business days for us to receive the money order before we cancel your order.

I've received an error message stating that my credit card is invalid. What should I do?

If you see an error message stating that your credit card is invalid, this has most likely happened for one of the following reasons:
1. You have incorrectly entered your credit card number.
2. You have incorrectly entered your CVV code.
3. You have incorrectly entered your expiration date.
4. You have used a cancelled credit card to place your order.
5. Your card is restricted to point-of-sale transactions only (sales where your card is physically scanned).
Please double-check your credit card and/or with your bank to ensure that none of these problems have occurred. If you realize that you've made a mistake, simply return to the payment option page and enter in the correct information. Continue checking out as normal. If you're still encountering problems, please contact us. However, at NO point should you ever e-mail us your full credit card number. Your e-mail does not have the same security features in place as the website. If you wish to reference a specific credit card that you already have on file with us, please reference by the order number. If you believe that your card was declined due to insufficient funds, but now have those funds available, you may submit a new application. If you believe that your card is restricted to point-of-sale transactions, you must either contact your bank about removing such restrictions, use a different credit card, or pay with a money order.

I am receiving an Error Code 2 when I pay for my credit fee. What does that mean?

Your card issuing bank did not approve the transaction. This could be because you have a "per day limit" on your account, insufficient funds, frozen account status, incorrect expiration date, etc. Unfortunately the card issuing bank does not provide additional details regarding the reason for the decline. We suggest that you contact the card issuing bank for more information.

I am receiving an Error Code 11 when I pay for my credit fee. What does that mean?

A transaction with an identical amount and credit card information was submitted, which means that you tried to charge the same transaction twice. We suggest that you contact the card issuing bank for more information.

Will I receive a 1098 tax form?

No, our program is not required to issue 1098 tax forms because we do not charge “tuition”; we charge a “credit conversion fee”. You may however use your receipt as proof of your credit conversion fee payment, for purposes such as educational expenses. Please consult your personal tax accountant for questions regarding the acceptance of the receipt.

Why was FEMA 207 reduced to 1 credit?

The course requirements were re-evaluated during the Summer 2018 semester, and it was determined that the coursework was academically applicable for 1 semester hour of credit.

Can I submit my application over the phone?

No, you must submit your application online.

How do I obtain a copy of my FCC transcript after my order is placed?

Frederick Community College utilizes Parchment, a secure electronic transcript ordering system, to issue official transcripts. You will receive an email from Frederick Community College when your emstudy order is complete and your transcripts are available. The email will contain instructions and a link to Parchment where you can set up an account and order official electronic or paper transcripts.  There is $5.00 fee for electronic transcripts and a $7.50 fee for transcripts sent through the mail. There are additional fees for paper transcripts if you request international or expedited delivery.

Do not request a transcript until you receive the confirmation email from Frederick Community College that your order is complete.
Requests made prior to the completion of your order will not contain the courses on your current order.

Does Frederick Community College provide military tuition payment options for academic programs utilizing FEMA Independent Study courses?

Frederick Community College expanded the Veteran’s Administrative benefit eligibility for academic programs utilizing converted FEMA Independent Study courses.  This benefit applies to courses taken at Frederick Community College and not for the cost to convert FEMA Independent Study courses to college credit.  For more information, contact the FCC Veteran and Military Services office at 301.624.2838 or the Emergency Management Program office at 301.624.2854.