Technical Information

I'm having technical problems with the website. What should I do?

Please visit the Technical Requirements link near the bottom of the main page or click here to access the requirements

I've received an error message stating that my credit card is invalid. What should I do?

If you see an error message stating that your credit card is invalid, this has most likely happened for one of the following reasons:
1. You have incorrectly entered your credit card number.
2. You have incorrectly entered your CVV code.
3. You have incorrectly entered your expiration date.
4. You have used a cancelled credit card to place your order.
5. Your card is restricted to point-of-sale transactions only (sales where your card is physically scanned).
Please double-check your credit card and/or with your bank to ensure that none of these problems have occurred. If you realize that you've made a mistake, simply return to the payment option page and enter in the correct information. Continue checking out as normal. If you're still encountering problems, please contact us. However, at NO point should you ever e-mail us your full credit card number. Your e-mail does not have the same security features in place as the website. If you wish to reference a specific credit card that you already have on file with us, please reference by the order number. If you believe that your card was declined due to insufficient funds, but now have those funds available, you may submit a new application. If you believe that your card is restricted to point-of-sale transactions, you must either contact your bank about removing such restrictions, use a different credit card, or pay with a money order.

I am receiving an Error Code 2 when I pay for my credit fee. What does that mean?

Your card issuing bank did not approve the transaction. This could be because you have a "per day limit" on your account, insufficient funds, frozen account status, incorrect expiration date, etc. Unfortunately the card issuing bank does not provide additional details regarding the reason for the decline. We suggest that you contact the card issuing bank for more information.